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Locked Up Lynchburg is an escape room, that offers a live interactive game experience in which your group must find the clues and solve the mysteries in order to escape the room. You’re trapped in a room, and the clock is ticking down from 60 minutes. Your intellect and attention to detail are your only means of escape. Use the clues in the room and your problem solving skills to find the way out! 

Looking for fun things to do in Lynchburg, Va? Come experience this Lynchburg escape room that also stimulates group communication and teamwork for families, friends, and co-workers! We are in a central location near Forest, Roanoke, and Appomattox, Virginia.

Lynchburg Escape Rooms 

The Heist

Locked Up Escape Room Lynchburg

The Milkinson necklace, the most prized possession from the National Art Museum, has gone missing! You and your team of covert agents received intel that it was spotted at a foreign museum. It’s now time to outsmart the thieves at their own game! Sneaking into the museum after hours? That was the easy part. As you find yourselves inches away from the prized jewel, you encounter an unforeseen twist in the mission. Can you escape in time with the necklace to become national heroes, or will you find yourselves at the mercy of the criminals? 
(Not Handicap Accessible)

Room Max: 10 people

Jail Break


After being Locked Up in a holding cell for several days, you quickly realize that it is not always innocent until proven guilty. You are being given a life sentence for a heinous crime that you did not commit. With no chance of parole and nothing but the clothes on your back, there is only one way to regain your FREEDOM. Can you escape in time while the guards are on break or will you be locked away for a life sentence?

Room Max: 10 people

The Cellar


While camping in the woods, your group goes out to gather kindle for fire. Suddenly, you hear a blood curdling scream - and then silence. Running through the brush with nothing but the moonlight as your guide, you look around and realize you’re now all alone. You hear rustling in the trees. You turn around, and…..that’s it. That’s all you can remember. You now find yourself trapped in a dark room. Where are you? What are those awful noises? How did you get here? And can you escape before it’s too late?! 
(Handicap Accessible)

Room Max: 10 people


Team Building

[We open for private parties anytime outside normal business hours. Please send us an email regarding the time you wish to book.]

You can’t escape the room alone - you’ll need to work together on this one! Think you know how you can contribute to your team? Which player-category below describes you? You may be surprised to learn a bit about your teammates and yourself during this experience!

Are you the leader, team player, calm & collected, over-analyzer or frazzled one in the group?

Team Building – Bring your sports team, small group, or collection of friends to Locked Up Lynchburg and get to know each other on a different level and try to escape!

Office Parties – Sometimes you need to get out of the office and party it up! This is a great chance to let loose and show your true colors with your co-workers.

Birthday Parties – Bowling and skating are fun – but our lynchburg escape room is sure to make your party the best in the class! Bring your friends and talk about this experience in the cafeteria for the next few weeks.

Dorm Activities – Looking for a little competition? Let’s see who can solve the puzzles the fastest within your group all while competing with other halls!

Not sure how this live escape game experience can build comradery within your group of friends or business? Locked Up Lynchburg is more than just a game of logic; it’s a collaborative problem-solving experience. Sure, there are certainly portions of the game that will require the use of puzzle-cracking strategies, but it is the way the team works together that saves precious time on the clock. A team of puzzle masters will not necessarily translate to success – you need to be a team that works together!

Not a puzzle-person? You don’t have to be! There are three aspects to the game experience: Explorers (finding the clues), Coordinators (using the clues), and Puzzle Solvers (cracking the clues). Without the explorers, there would be no clues to solve. Without the coordinators, multiple team members will be bumping heads. And the variety of clues (math, logic, word, team projects) can be enjoyed by all! Both individual tasks and teamwork tasks are required if you hope to escape!

This escape game experience will bring out all sorts of different skills! You’ll see who works better together or who works better alone. What happens under the ‘stressful’ environment is exactly how you act in real-life scenarios. This is not just a group of people solving puzzles. It’s a team building activity, that is also something fun to do in Lynchburg, Virginia. With a lot of teamwork and a little bit of luck, you too can escape the room! Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Interested in bringing your team to Locked Up? We open for private parties anytime outside normal business hours. Please send us an email regarding the time you wish to book.

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We open for private parties anytime outside normal business hours. Please send us an email regarding the
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