Business Cancelation Policy

Business and Event Cancelation Policy: 45+ Attendees


LockedUp’s policy is a strict “No-Refund” policy. However, in the event of a Large private event or total facility “Buyout” Locked Up will be paid upon receipt of invoice but allow a non-refundable retainer/deposit of 30%.

The purpose of this deposit is to book and secure the dates. This allows the event to be conducted and all perspective booking in the course of business for those days are declined by shutting down business and its bookings upon payment of the deposit. Without the deposit individuals will still be able to book. If a cancellation occurs, The deposit shall be in place to account for the significant loss of business LockedUp receives both from canceling existing individual bookings to make room for the private booking as well as future bookings as majority of its business is booked well and far in advance.

If the company or individual elects to just pay the deposit for the facility upfront, the charge shall be 25% +5% of the full balance (if paid with Credit card) making the remaining balance due upon one (1) day prior to the event.  All deposits will be kept, and the full deposit will be forfeit to the customer if cancelation occurs

If the company or perspective party elect not to proceed with the planned event after full payment of invoice has been made, then the full amount minus the deposit and double 2.5% transaction merchant fees, internal software booking fees, and administrative fee (if paid by Credit Card) shall be applied and not refunded. The remaining 70% shall be returned to the customer (allow time for funds processing).